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    General questions

    Here you will find answers to further questions regarding our payment services.


    Company details can be changed only upon the customer’s written instruction accompanied by the relevant company registration documents (such as Tax Reg. No. (NIP), Industry ID No. (REGON), entry in the Business Activity Register or the National Court Register (EDG/KRS)).
    In the case of any change to personal details (in the name of the company or company representatives), the changes can be made on the basis of a photocopy of the personal ID card or a photocopy of an abridged transcript of the Marriage Certificate and valid business documents.
    The address for correspondence can be changed upon the customer’s written instruction, without having to attach any documents.

    The bank account number can be changed only on the basis of the customer’s written instruction with a signature consistent with that placed on the contract with eService, and it must be sent in the original.

    Should your POS terminal be stolen, please contact our Merchant Service Centre (225 092 280) and provide the POS ID from the POS terminal handover report or a printout from that POS terminal. Please make a copy of the report issued to you by the police. Where the matter has been closed, please prepare the investigation discontinuance certificate.
    POS terminals are insured, so you will not be charged for the theft of the device, provided that the insurance company decides that the claim is legitimate.

    Information about the applicable interchange fees and system charges as well as the current regulations of the payment organizations can be found on the websites of VISA and MASTERCARD.

    The merchant and other persons processing card transactions should comply with the Terms and Conditions for the Acceptance of Payment Instruments. These Terms and Conditions are attached to the Card Payment Acceptance Agreement.


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