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    POS ID is the device number. It is visible on every printout from the POS terminal in the left top corner of the receipt below your contact details or on a sticker on the POS terminal. PLEASE PROVIDE THIS NUMBER EACH TIME YOU CONTACT THE MERCHANT SERVICE CENTRE REGARDING POS TERMINAL – this will facilitate and accelerate the solution of the problem.

    If the POS terminal displays “Call REVO”, please be sure to contact the Merchant Service Centre (+420 225 092 280). This message means that the transaction requires voice authorization by the bank. In this case, an employee of the Merchant Service Centre will ask your customer to provide personal information that enables their identification (name embossed on the card, place of residence, date of birth, personal ID card number or passport number or name of the card issuing bank). There are three possible answers:

    • Permit the transaction. An employee of the Merchant Service Centre with provide the merchant with an authorization code that must be entered manually on the POS terminal.
    • Refuse the transaction (no approval for the transaction from the customer’s bank).
    • Hold the card.

    Using the card by a person other than the owner of the card is not permitted. Only the person whose name appears on the card is authorized to use the card. Thus, the merchant (the seller) cannot accept any payment with a card that is not owned by the payer, even if that person is the spouse of the holder. This rule results from the Act on Electronic Payment Instruments and the Payment Card Agreements between the bank and the card holder.

    A lost and found card should be returned to the bank that issued the card or sent to the organization whose logo appears on the card. The card is owned by the issuing bank, not the person whose name appears on the card.

    For the security of the card holder, after three incorrect PIN entries in a row the card is locked or, in the case of an ATM transaction, held by the device. Accordingly, in this situation, the point of sale has the right to hold the card. If the card has been locked or held, the card holder should contact the bank that issued the card (depending on the bank, the card holder will receive a new PIN or a new payment card).

    A prepaid card does not require an account in the bank issuing the card (the card has its own separate account). Some prepaid cards are non-personalized, which means that it can be used by anyone who signs on the signature strip on the card as its user. To effect a transaction, the card account must be previously credited with a certain amount. Such a card can be given as a gift to a third party. After using the amount available on the card account, it is possible to credit it again.

    Signature on the card is required in the regulations between the bank and the card holder. An unsigned card is invalid, and the seller cannot accept the card. Failure to sign the card is dangerous to its holder, because it creates a risk that the card is signed and used by an unauthorized person until its cancellation. If the seller receives an unsigned card, the seller should ask the buyer to sign it, produce an identity document and verify the signature and the details on the card against the document produced (in accordance with Article 9 of the Act on Electronic Payment Instruments). If the card holder refuses to sign the card, the seller cannot accept the payment.

    The form of payment transaction acceptance depends on many factors, so whether the card holder is asked to sign or enter the PIN depends, among other things, on the type of card, the rules of the payment organization issuing the card, the decision of the issuing bank and the type and software of the POS terminal in which the transaction is made. Nowadays, more and more cards are microprocessor cards, which usually require a PIN to confirm the transaction.

    If you have any doubts, please be sure to contact the Merchant Service Centre immediately at +420 225 092 280.

    • Vx 510/520 – roll dimensions: width 57 mm, length 25 m
    • IWL 220C – roll dimensions: width 57 mm, length 15 m
    • ICT220/250 – roll dimensions: width 57 mm, length 21 m

    The hold card request means that the issuing bank, having searched its database, has given an instruction that the card should be held. The hold card request can be issued by telephone by an employee of the REVO Merchant Service Centre or be displayed on the POS terminal (the only exception where the hold card obligation may be ignored is a threat to life or health – in this situation, the merchant is required to describe the incident and send it to eService – please find a printable form below).
    The merchant can explain to the customer that the bank has requested that the card be held (the bank, rather than the holder, is the owner of the card). The following should be done with any held or found card, depending on its type:

    • In the case of magnetic stripe cards – cut between the magnetic stripe and the signature strip, bearing in mind that the cut should range from 1/2 to 2/3 of the length of the card. The cut should start from the edge without the hologram, taking care not to damage the magnetic stripe, the signature strip and the hologram.
    • In the case of microprocessor (chip) cards – cut the top right corner of the card (the corner opposite the chip) at an angle of about 45° to a depth of 2-2.5 cm.

    Such a card, together with a completed and signed hold report (you received the appropriate form from your REVO sales representative, along with the necessary documentation, during installation of the POS terminal) and a description of the incident (please find printable forms below), must be returned by mail to REVO, to the address indicated on the form.
    For cards held and returned to REVO a prize is paid in the amount determined by the card issuer.

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