Spolka nalezaca do EVO Payments International

Additional functionalities

Apart from the basic offer of POS terminals we offer also a wide range of additional services that make our offer even more attractive.

Here you can find out more about them and choose what works best for you.

Logo on receipt

Your logo or slogan can be placed on the face of the receipt from the POS terminal. This is a great marketing tool to increase your brand visibility.


This functionality is dedicated to points of sale where tipping is an integral part of the transaction. The tip is a separate item, distinct from the transaction amount. Unembossed card holders can also leave a tip.

Cashier logging

Cashiers logging enables the sales to broken down by individual cashier as each of them enters their personal password. The sales of each cashier are recorded and their ID number is printed on each transaction receipt. Furthermore, a summary statement of sales can be printed for each cashier at any time or at the end of the day.

MDE transactions

Manual Data Entry (or MO/TO – Mail Order/Telephone Order) transactions are also known as card not present transactions. Card details are manually keyed in on the POS terminal. The transaction takes place on the basis of a written, e-mail or telephone order issued by the credit card holder. MDE transactions are commonly used to make hotel reservations or payments after the guest has left.


With the calculator functionality, basic mathematical operations can be performed directly on the POS terminal. How the calculations are presented depends on the user (on the screen and/or printout from the POS terminal).

Payment description

In addition to the standard information printed by the POS terminal, additional alphanumeric information about the payment, such as subscriber number or policy number, can be placed on the receipt. This tool gives you the possibility of linking the payment to a particular customer or product for which the payment was made. Transactions with a description can be verified by accessing an encrypted website. The data can be exported to an .xls or a .pdf file.